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We provide international transport services based on the individual needs of our customers and the development of an ability to adapt rapidly to market changes.

In response to permanent changes in the market environment, the transport company KOIMEX operates according to the philosophy of optimal organisational efficiency and a learning organisation.

We are focused on improving our internal operating procedures, instead of falling back on established operating models. Our organisation is evolving in line with the company's growing potential and the ever-increasing demands of the market.

By applying innovation in every area of management, we are successively improving not only the quality of the services we offer, but also introducing new ones, so that we can serve a growing number of demanding customers.

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Our transport company is exactly what you expect.

We provide road transport services throughout Europe, including deliveries to the countries of the former Commonwealth of Independent States. Our many years of experience and reliable organisational and technical facilities enable us to offer dedicated transport solutions for a wide range of industries. Highly competent employees supported by intelligent IT tools form a new quality in transport.

With more than 20 years of market experience, we offer transport services of the highest quality. Our large fleet and around 700 employees mean that we will transport any load in Poland and abroad. The transport company KOIMEX has the necessary equipment to forward a wide range of goods. Starting from food products, through the transportation of raw materials for industry, ending with forwarding services for dangerous ADR cargo.

Our services

The transport company KOIMEX offers comprehensive international transport services.

Comprehensive international transport services are the core of our business. We carry out transport orders of all types, including ADR hazardous materials, food. By choosing our company, you can be sure that we will help you with all the formalities or permits. Including the ongoing support of an individual account manager. All this makes the international transport services offered fast, safe and convenient.

We operate throughout Europe. The transport company KOIMEX has branches in many countries. If required, we can also organise air freight or sea freight. When you use our company, you can therefore be sure that we will deliver any load to the desired location. On time, in the right conditions, taking into account the requirements of the various sectors. Our years of experience in shipping and the considerable resources of our company are the only way to successfully combine these qualities.

A transport company is all about people.

Human potential is a key factor in our success and competitive advantage. We create an organisational culture that triggers employees to be aware of their impact on service quality, to be responsible and to build lasting relationships with customers. We have successfully implemented a system of training to develop the technical and interpersonal skills of our employees. The transport company KOIMEX is a highly motivated team for whom the level of customer satisfaction is a priority.

Our team

Freight forwarding in full respect of the environment.

We operate in an economic sector whose impact is not indifferent to the environment. We are aware of this and run a responsible business. We take investment and organisational measures to reduce the negative side effects of our transport activities. We invest in modern and environmentally friendly means of transport and renewable energy sources. We shape the awareness of our employees and activate them in pro-social and environmental activities.

Social Responsibility

We offer international transport, national road transport and specialised services.

The aim of our company is to provide international transport services at the highest level. We combine innovation with experience and processes based on thousands of loads transported. We take an individual approach to each customer and their cargo. We use specialised, dedicated machinery as required. An extensive fleet of vehicles allows us to transport almost any goods safely and legally. Each year, hundreds of our truck cover about 40 million kilometres.

We provide national forwarding services, and road transport throughout Europe. A full range of organisational facilities and several hundred experienced Koimex employees ensure that we meet all your expectations. This allows us to provide customised road transport solutions. At the same time, we are aware of the environmental impact of our operations. For this reason, we are constantly taking measures to reduce the negative effects of our transport operations.

Tell us where to pick up the cargo and the destination of the delivery. We will take care of the rest.

KOIMEX is a transport company with a complete freight forwarding portfolio.

We will take care of any load and deliver it safely to the designated location. We provide comprehensive transport services on land, water and air. International transport across Europe is carried out using our several hundred trucks. They are adapted to different types of loads. All tractor units in our fleet meet the stringent EURO6 emissions standards. Each vehicle was also equipped with a smart telemetry system. This allows data to be continuously transferred to our IT system. Transport company with full forwarding optimisation and modern technology for the timely delivery of your cargo.

We offer comprehensive transport services.

Transport services

 tailored to individual customer needs. The entire forwarding process is carefully monitored in real time. We provide our customers with a constant overview of the transport documentation via the Internet. This makes it possible to speed up and optimise time-consuming processes, having a positive impact on the delivery of transport services.

Our clients can rely on the support of individual account managers. They assist in completing the necessary documents. Communication is in the language of the customers. All cooperation is confirmed by detailed reports.

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