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Road transport and forwarding

We provide FTL and LTL transport and forwarding services throughout Europe, including deliveries to the countries of the former Commonwealth of Independent States.

Transport business with a new quality

We carry out bespoke transport projects for production companies, distribution companies and also work closely with global logistics operators. We provide year-round parcel service and availability 365 days a year.

Our many years of experience and reliable organisational and technical facilities enable us to offer dedicated transport solutions for a wide range of industries.

Highly competent employees supported by intelligent IT tools form a new quality in transport.

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We focus on specialisation

We are aware of the specifics of many industries as well as of quality, safety and regulatory requirements.

Many years of experience have helped us to develop effective logistics solutions dedicated to serving a wide range of industries.

We specialise in the following delivery services:

transportation of consumer products to retail chains

transport of hazardous materials (ADR)

transport of waste

transport of excise products

transport of animal products

transport of food

transport of raw materials to industry

transport of machinery and equipment

KOIMEX road forwarding handles a wide range of cargo.

To meet our customers' expectations, we specialise in product logistics across a wide range of industries. Our offer includes the rapid transport of consumer goods to retail chains, the transport of foodstuffs or the transport of animal products. We also know the responsibility of transporting ADR hazardous materials or transporting various types of waste, which is why KOIMEX has all the necessary qualifications to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and safely. In addition, we offer expert transport of excise products that comply with all legal regulations and meet the necessary requirements. We also provide services in such a demanding sector as heavy industry, offering transport of raw materials for industry or transport of machinery and equipment. By choosing our company, you can expect to receive a customised offer, a high level of service and professional cooperation at every stage.

Road freight forwarding covering the whole of Europe.

Our domain is land transport and freight forwarding in a wide range. Thanks to our own fully equipped fleet and cooperation with external hauliers, we provide services all year round, which gives us a major technical advantage over our competitors. We know how important the presentation of products and services is for business, which is why we offer full trade fair logistics in Poland and abroad for customers in all industries. From now on, transport across Europe is no longer a problem. Our global range of services and the transportation of a diverse range of products and materials means that every customer can expect a tailor-made offer. The international transport through the underground tunnels we offer saves both time and money regardless of the changing weather conditions.

Our operations and processes comply with international safety standards, which we constantly monitor and improve, as part of our commitment to the highest quality of service.

Our road transport is environmentally friendly.

The environmental aspect is extremely important to our company policy. When operating in the logistics industry, we try to approach this subject as responsibly as possible and minimise the negative impact of transport and exhaust fumes on the environment. Maintaining a natural balance is crucial in our industry. Vehicles belonging to KOIMEX are distinguished by modern and environmentally friendly patents. A number of innovative solutions have been implemented for this purpose, such as an environmentally friendly fleet that meets emission standards and investments in renewable energy sources.

We also continuously educate our employees and the local community about environmental protection and encourage involvement in pro-environmental, charitable, sporting or cultural activities. Whenever possible, we strive to minimize the negative impact of our activities on the environment.


We specialise in international road transport throughout Europe.

We operate throughout Europe

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