People above all

We promote training and development

Human potential is a key factor in our success and competitive advantage.

People above all

We create an organizational culture that creates awareness of the impact on service quality, responsibility and building lasting relationships with customers among our employees .

We have successfully implemented a training system developing technical and interpersonal competences of our employees.

We are a highly motivated team for whom customer satisfaction is a priority.

We place particular emphasis on the development of competences and the comfort of our drivers.

The growing competences of our drivers directly affect not only the quality of our services but also the environment and safety.

For this purpose, we have created an internal training system covering driver skills control, training in economical and safe driving as well as goods security systems.

A team of over thirty employees, consisting of training coordinators and drivers with many years of experience and the ability to transfer knowledge to other colleagues, train new employees every day.

We develop human potential

We discover new talents

We base the organizational culture of the company on our employees' creativity and possibility to influence the company's development.

Thanks to this, our employees identify with the company, are open to professional development and raising competences.

The primary role of leaders is to support employees and discover new talents.

Most employees have been with us for years, which gives us a competitive advantage in the sector of services, in which the human factor takes on a special meaning directly affecting the quality of services and the company's image.


"My adventure with the company began with student internships.

Later everything happened very quickly. My boss offered me a job as a freight forwarder.

I was very much interested in my work, I wanted more. I became a freight forwarder responsible for demanding German customers.

My team leader trained me fantastically.

Today I am not only a forwarder, but I also take part in the training of new employees."


"I started working in our company as a junior driver.

My technical knowledge and interests in the organization of vehicle maintenance were quickly noticed.

In 2009 I was offered the position of technical department manager.

Working for more than a dozen years at Koimex, I have not only developed my professional competence.

I have time for family and sport activities. I love jogging."


"I started working with Koimex in 2006.

I speak French fluently so I was responsible for translating documents.

I quickly received an offer to learn a new profession - to become an international forwarder.

The company supported me with relevant knowledge through intensive on-the-job training.

Now I share my knowledge with junior forwarders who are starting work in the transport industry."


"I have worked at Koimex for many years as a driver.

I brought my brother and many colleagues to the company.

In 2019, I was surprised by the company ... I was offered to participate in the Eurotruckers program broadcast on Discovery.

And in this way I also became an "actor".


"I am probably the youngest driver at Koimex.

I have been working here for over three years and I am still a university student.

I was trained in my profession in a very pleasant way, for the first weeks I was driving with a master driver.

Now, I have been a master driver for over a year myself and I transfer my knowledge to other colleagues. I know a bit about driving a truck set.

This year I got 3rd place in DAF Driver Challenge Poland."

Training a new person

We are well aware of the importance of the first days of work in a new organization.

That is why we have prepared an adaptation training package, thanks to which a new person gets to know the organizational culture and undergoes detailed on-the-job training.

First days do not have to be difficult

We pay particular attention to the training of new drivers. Driver training is personalized and preceded by a skill check.

The scope of training includes familiarization with the organization of work, safe and economical driving as well as proper load security.

Practical training is run by our best drivers who not only have great professional knowledge but are also able to share this knowledge with other drivers.

We focus on youth

Apprenticeship and internships.

We are open to new people without experience.

Developed training programs allow us to support high school students and university students in acquiring practical knowledge.

Many of our employees started their careers with internships and apprenticeships, eventually becoming experts in their field.

Relaxation zone

Man does not live by work alone

We have created a relaxation zone for employees, believing that separate space away from phones and corporate hustle promotes regeneration and improves the comfort of functioning.

It does not matter where

After work

We are more than a team during business hours.
We also like to get to know each other and integrate after work.

No matter how and where we spend time together.

All of us, forwarders, planners, drivers ... we go to the theatre, we go canoeing in the lake district, we race on a karting track or plant trees in our area.

We are an absolute team.

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