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he air forwarding service is dedicated to customers for whom delivery time minimisation is a priority.

The strength of Koimex Air Cargo is an experienced team of professionals, international business contacts with key air carriers and largest airports throughout the world (USA, Canada, South America, Africa, China, Hong Kong, Middle East, India, Australia).

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Our air forwarding service includes:

- organisation of air shipment transport in import and export in all directions of the world

- cargo transport on various terms, including EXW and DAP

- customs service

- guarantee for customs debt

- additional insurance of goods

- storage of goods

- door-to-door, door-to-airport, airport-to-door, airport-to-airport deliveries

AIR SWIFT service for customers for whom delivery time minimisation is a priority

AIR STANDARD service, for customers for whom optimisation of transport costs is a priority

- professional customer support at every stage of cooperation

- shipment monitoring

We specialise in transporting various types of goods, including:

- high value goods

- commercial samples

- food products, also at controlled temperature

- hazardous materials

- low weight and size articles

- components necessary for production

- timely shipments

- oversized goods

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